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Tactics And ROI - Heavy Traffic Ahead

How do we decide which tactics (tools) to use?

Many people are focused only on getting search engine rankings, for the Free traffic. The cost of getting "Free" visits from search engine traffic can actually be an expensive way to get traffic. We have multiple ways to get traffic including search engine rankings, keyword analysis, pay per click, and variations of traditional off-line marketing tactics.

Knowing what to expect from a tool is how we create value for you.

There are no shortage of Internet guru's out there, a lot of who are making promises of search engine positioning and levels of traffic. Many are outright scams and we have had clients fall victim to these scams. We will not promise you a specific ranking with a search engine. What we will do is explain how the tool works and give you the numbers you need to make decisions on what you can expect as a return on your investment. For example, a ballpark response rate for a traditional direct mailing is 1 to 2 %. That doesn't mean that there are not situations where you will get higher and lower. We understand Internet marketing and know what you can expect on an email campaign, on pay per click, and from free search engine traffic.

You can complete the Sign Up Form on the Home page to get a Free assessment. Please complete your name, company and a description of your market, products and services. Also include the web address of your three main competitors. We will use this information to assess your market potential and consider a competitive comparison. A Managing Consultant will contact you to discuss your situation and let you know if there is something we could help you with. In some situations it may require the analysis and preparation of a complete Internet Marketing Strategy, in some cases it may be possible to do implement selected tactics, and in other cases the status quo may be in order.

Return on Investment

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