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So what is traffic worth to you?

Maybe a prospective customer is worth $10, $100, $1000, $10,000. Based on your margins and conversion rates you can decide what it would be worth to get more prospective customers to the website. In addition to a share of the free search traffic that is out there you can use tactics to purchase traffic to your site. We can get qualified traffic for as little as 10 cents per visitor. How's that for a return on your investment?

What about other audiences like existing customers? Could you increase your business with existing customers with more frequent visits to your site? What about prospective employees? If you could get a steady stream of resumes and didn't have to advertise how much would you save?

Our Internet specialists have worked with a variety of businesses and market sectors. They have the combination of tools and experience to assess the opportunity, analyze your performance, and most importantly recommend what to do to get the best Return on Investment. We use a team based approach to bring the highest levels of expertise in marketing, sales, information collection, competitive analysis, and data mining.

Unless you are sure, Get a Professional Assessment!

If you already suspect you could be getting more from your website maybe its time you got a professional’s opinion. The first step in taking corrective action is Awareness. It is about changing positions from suspecting that you are not getting your share to knowing what you are getting, how much more is out there and what to do to get it. Take the first step in moving from Suspecting to Knowing to Getting!

You can complete the Sign Up Form on the Home page to get a Free assessment. Please complete your name, company and a description of your market, products and services. Also include the web address of your three main competitors. We will use this information to assess your market potential and consider a competitive comparison. A Managing Consultant will contact you to discuss your situation and let you know if there is something we could help you with. In some situations it may require the analysis and preparation of a complete Internet Marketing Strategy, in some cases it may be possible to do implement selected tactics, and in other cases the status quo may be in order.

When you know..When you don't know..

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